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 Hot Cocoa  Bombs $ 15 

4 Callebaut chocolate brand hearts filled with rich hot cocoa mix stuffed with marshmallows and peppermint bits

       Macarons $15

       6 macaron variety box filled with    strawberry, rosewater and mocha flavors

Love cookie set $30

   4 gnome themed decorated cookies each                    holding a letter to spell LOVE



    bite size heart shaped chocolate cups     filled with strawberry, vanilla chocolate     and red velvet cake layered with white                         chocolate mousse

    Cupcakes $25

 4 decadently decorated cupcakes consisting of the following flavors strawberry, vanilla, chocolate and red velvet

Cake Shooter Cups $30

10 bite size heart shaped chocolate cups each  filled with a strawberry, vanilla, chocolate or red velvet cake topped with white chocolate mousse 

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